First Ladies Join to Discuss Support for U.S. Troops, Veterans

Posted September 19, 2016 at 5:00am

The KRQE News reports that “anyone who wants to be president should not ‘pop off about going to war’ because it is serious business, Michelle Obama said Friday as she reflected on the ‘sobering experience’ of visiting wounded patients at military hospitals.”

“In the early years of President Barack Obama’s tenure, the first lady said their hospital visits would last for hours as they visited dozens of patients, including many who had lost limbs or had suffered other devastating injuries.”

“’And that’s something that a commander in chief thinks about before they pop off about going to war, because when you’ve spent time on a base and you know these men and women and you know their families you don’t just talk about war like there are no implications,’ Mrs. Obama said during an appearance with former first lady Laura Bush at the National Archives.”