Series: Military Issues the Next President Will Face

Posted September 20, 2016 at 8:19am

Stars and Stripes publishes “the first installation of ‘Facing the Future: Military matters facing the next president,’ a five-part series.”

Upcoming pieces include: “Europe: Russia, rotational brigades and will Europe need to divert more into security (Sept. 26); Pacific: Challenges in Japan, China and S. Korea, operations in Philippines and Russia (Oct. 3); Middle East: The war against terrorism and the Islamic State group (Oct. 10) and Force of the future: The U.S. conventional force needs an overhaul (Oct. 17).”

The first post begins: “Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have pledged on the campaign trail to get tough about the nation’s defense. But by spring, the next president’s military plans could already be hamstrung by Capitol Hill politics.”