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USAF Secretary: Trump Wrong About U.S. Military

Fortune reports that USAF Secretary Deborah Lee James “says we are living in ‘the most complex period we have ever faced during the three decades I’ve been on the scene.’”

“She cites Russia, who the U.S. partnered with only three years ago, as our greatest national security threat, discusses the battle to retake Mosul from ISIS, where America has ‘boots in the air,’ and the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo. On top of that, she mentions that China has been more active in the South China Sea, where North Korea has launched ballistic missiles.”

“Still, Sec. James says that the U.S. is prepared. Addressing Donald Trump’s comments, Sec. James says: ‘I can tell you the United States military is not any sort of disaster. It is the best military on the planet.’”

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