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v1.7 Data Is Easy. Messy Data is Hard

“Hey, I wonder if the President ever filed for H-1Bs?” sayeth I this morning. How hard can that be to track down.

Tracking down? Not so bad.

Gathering records that were originally OCR’ed from fax? (2001-2006)? A helpful Department of Labor uploading neat data… in Excel… 500,000 rows at a time?

So, a simple data mining exercise ended up being about six hours of glorious frustration dealing used hermes briefcase calabasas ca
with 200+MB XLSX to free the data into a database. Oh, and please change the field hermes belts names every two years. And rearrange the columns while you’re at it.

So, at 4:50 am ET, the data is free, in a searchable database… all 6.1MM records since the start of the millennium (h/t to FLC for archiving the older records pre-2008) and all 564 companies checked, including for rough typos, then hand checked. And, the answer, it turns out is 162 H-1Bs filed for 288 open positions.

Note we included Eric Trump’s winery, since it appears President Trump was involved in the organization. Also birkin bag hermes included are some hotels that license President’s Trump name, as standard licenses from the Trump Organization involve upholding standards 2015 hermes scarf catalogue monoprix en
set by the organization.

Expect a flurry of releases in the coming hermes bags days. The last hermes h belt week was spent on the back end refining the composite model for better hermes handbags
transcription. Also, we’re archiving and internalizing video as a backup, as videos of Trump campaign speeches have been disappearing from Youtube.

Also, as a side note, we’d love more information on the property at 2265 Aragon St, Sebring, Florida. It’s a 0.25 acre parcel of undeveloped swampland, owned by President Trump since July, 2005. It doesn’t appear on either of his Form 278e financial disclosure forms, but taxes are current as of November, 2016.

Within the next seven days, we should be back on track with speeches and statements automatically appearing on the site. We wanted to make sure that whatever we did, we wouldn’t run into video links dying on us again.

Until then, the salary ranges and positions for the H-1Bs make for an interesting read.

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