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What Kind of Dog Should Trump Get?

Tell us on Twitter via #POTUSPup

(Image composition by Chris Hale/CQ Roll Call)
(Image composition by Chris Hale/CQ Roll Call)

Ronald Reagan had Rex, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel known for pulling the Reagans around on his leash and his stubborn refusal to enter the White House’s Lincoln Bedroom.

Herbert Hoover had King Tut, a Belgian shepherd who, according to the Presidential Pet Museum, constantly worried about protecting his master from visitors (not an easy feat considering his owner was the president of the United States).

Most people probably still remember Bo and Sunny, two Portuguese water dogs who graced the White House lawn during the Obama years.

But what about President Donald Trump? Forty-five is the first president in 116 years to not own a dog. The last was William McKinley, who was assassinated in 1901 — but that’s another story.

To continue this adorable tradition, we want to hear your ideas on what kind of dog you think President Trump should get. Using the hashtag #POTUSPup, tell us: What type of dog should Trump have, and what should be its name? We’ll publish the best responses.

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