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Ex-Equifax CEO Gets Trolled at Senate Banking Hearing

Monopoly character in top hat and mustache sat behind Richard Smith on second day of hearings

A protester dressed as Monopoly character Rich Uncle Pennybags sat behind former Equifax CEO Richard Smith. (
A protester dressed as Monopoly character Rich Uncle Pennybags sat behind former Equifax CEO Richard Smith. (

The Monopoly logo character known as Rich Uncle Pennybags attended a hearing Wednesday to sit behind Richard Smith, the former chairman and chief executive officer of Equifax.

A protester with the advocacy organization Public Citizen trolled Smith while dressed in a fake mustache and top hat.

Smith was a witness on a Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee panel on Equifax’s data breach.

Wednesday was Smith’s second of three scheduled appearances this week before congressional committees.

The troll was visible on C-SPAN whenever Smith spoke, sitting directly behind his left shoulder.

Rich Uncle Pennybags Look-Alike Trolls Equifax Hearing

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Rich Uncle Pennybags, later identified as activist Amanda Werner, made facial expressions, stroked a handlebar mustache, and appeared to be taking notes, all while extremely engaged in every exchange between Smith and the senators on the panel.

“The surprise appearance is part of a campaign organized by Public Citizen and Americans for Financial Reform to draw attention to forced arbitration rip-off clauses, used by Equifax, Wells Fargo and other financial companies to evade accountability and take advantage of consumers,” Public Citizen said in a news release Wednesday.

Pennybags at one point wiped his face with fake money. (

At one point, just under two hours in, Rich Uncle Pennybags wiped his forehead with what appeared to be giant paper money. The troll also took out a monocle a few times.

Smith was testifying on the theft of 145.5 million consumers’ personal information and the nearly $2 million in stock sold by the company’s executives between the discovery of the breach and public disclosure of it.

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