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Your Skype background sucks: Twitter account eviscerates lawmakers’ home decor

‘Washington area propagandist’ turns his attention to home decor ratings

A new Twitter account run by a self-described “Washington area propagandist” has taken off, but the ratings are a little predictable.
A new Twitter account run by a self-described “Washington area propagandist” has taken off, but the ratings are a little predictable.

Since quarantine began about a month ago, cable news guests, including numerous members of Congress, have been conducting their interviews through at-home video chats, giving viewers a glimpse inside their palatial homes or small apartments. And admit it, you’ve been judging the artwork, movie posters and (especially) book collections floating in the background. Well, you’re not alone: There’s a new Twitter account dedicated to handing out background ratings ranging from innocuous to downright scathing.

But a quick perusal through @ratemyskyperoom reveals that the scores might not be based solely on whether someone’s curtains are clashing with a Britney Spears album poster. The rating is also colored by the guest’s political leanings and whether they clash with those of Claude Taylor, the account’s creator.

For instance, the account wasn’t too impressed with Sen. Lindsey Graham and his gold-toned, plant-like statue, giving the background a “0/10” before commenting, “Bad art, sh—y room, sh—y human.” (Ouch.)

If Taylor’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he rose to the highest echelons of Twitter fame running the anti-Trump account @TrueFactsStated during the most heated days of Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation. The former Clinton White House official and self-described “partisan bomb thrower” used his account to tweet out damaging “scoops” of questionable accuracy about the Trump administration.

Now, like many of us, he’s got a lot more time on his hands.

It should come as no surprise that Taylor gives House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff a “9/10” for a background that is at best a 7/10.

Meanwhile, Schiff’s Intelligence Committee counterpart and vehement Trump supporter, Devin Nunes, gets a “1/10,” which is honestly higher than I thought he would go.

However, the account doesn’t exactly heap praise on all Democratic allies, mocking a “seascape” behind Sen. Cory Booker and urging Rep. Dan Kildee to “shave.”

Still, the snarkiest barbs are clearly reserved for friends of the president.

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