Nanoinfluencers: The next regulatory frontier

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Posted November 19, 2020 at 3:59pm

Nanoinfluencers — social media influencers with only several thousand followers — are a new and unregulated part of political campaign strategies.

Some marketing companies and campaigns look at them as an organic and seemingly personal form of advertising.

And it could be a murky space. The Federal Election Commission has not put forth rules for nanoinfluencers to disclose political relationships in their content — and it does not appear this new form of political advertising will be regulated anytime soon.

Watch CQ Roll Call's interview with Katie Joseff, a senior researcher on propaganda at the University of Texas, and Mae Karwowski, CEO of Obviously, a nanoinfluencer marketing company, to learn more about nanoinfluencer strategies and what these experts think about potential regulations.

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