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Antjuan Seawright

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The 13 founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Standing, from left, Parren J. Mitchell, Charles B. Rangel, William L. Clay Sr., Ronald V. Dellums, George W. Collins, Louis Stokes, Ralph H. Metcalfe, John Conyers Jr. and Walter E. Fauntroy. Seated, from left, Robert N. C. Nix. Sr., Charles C. Diggs, Shirley Chisholm and Augustus F. Hawkins.

Congressional Black Caucus: 50 years as the conscience of Congress and the country

Members of the Georgia Tech women’s basketball team demonstrate outside a polling location in Atlanta on Election Day. Young voters were key to Democrats taking back the White House and need to be a priority for the party beyond this election cycle, Seawright writes.

Young voters came through for Biden. But outreach to them can’t stop