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Jamie Weinstein

The Latest From Jamie Weinstein

New Majority, Same Great Tradition?

Movin’ Up

Two New for McKeon

Nevada Newbies

Dugan Departs

This Edwards Is a Republican

English Moves

Longtime McHugh Staffer Retires

Matsui Names Her Chief

Grassley’s Committee Staff Grows

Lott Expands His Lot by One

Four More Staffers

Whip Team Moves

Members: Valenti One of a Kind

Off to Iraq

New No. 2 for Udall

A Heroic Return to the Hill

Two for Landrieu

Serving Stupak

Team Lynch

McCaskill Moves

Farr Goes the Distance, Adds One

Lewis’ Moves

Six for Capps

Committee Help

News From the Speaker

New Resources for Panel

Talking About Energy

Hill Hires

Two Chiefs for Hastings

GOP Committee Moves

Team Tauscher

Two for Kildee

Gang of 14

Four for Yarmuth

Carney’s Crew

Webb’s Office Up and Running

Sutton’s Staff

Drinan Praised for Rights Work

Johnson’s Six-Pack

Movin’ on Up

Team Tester