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John Bicknell

The Latest From John Bicknell

Delivering on the Free Exercise Clause

Boehner’s Fight: A Pale Imitation of First GOP Speaker’s Raucous Election

With Malice Toward Some: ‘Lincoln and the Power of the Press’ Elucidates Symbiotic Relationship Between Politicians and Journalists

A Bloc of One

Over Lincoln’s Shoulder

The Mountainous Question of Jessie Benton Fremont and Renaming Yosemite’s Mammoth Peak

Going Along, Getting Along and Falling Apart

Levin’s ‘Liberty’ Needs Less Utopia, More Whig

An Honest Appraisal of Abe Lincoln by a Conservative

Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly, Ron Barber to Confront Jared Lee Loughner at Sentencing

Making a List, Checking It Twice

Paul in the Hall

The World According to Arlen

Bumper Sticker Bunkum

Capitol Formation

Books Explore Republican Evolution

Book Dissects Role of Independent Voters

Give ’Em Hell, Barry?

Frank Wolf Calls for Action on Suffering Around the World

Mitt Aims for the Mainstream

Cain’s Campaign Autobiography Goes Down Less-Traveled Roads

Obama, GOP Push Vastly Different Jobs Agendas

Perry’s ‘Fed Up’ Takes on Liberal Governance

Obama Makes Renewed Pitch for Jobs Bill (VIDEO)

The Man Who Broke the Filibuster

Commission Report Weathers Test of Time

Lieberman’s Sabbath Guide Worth a Look

Insider Proposes Changes for a Better Congress

DeMint Tome Tracks Two Years of Tea Party

One Great Player Could Mean Years of Baseball Victories

Historians Capture Tension of War

Teddy Roosevelt’s Life Keeps Biographers Busy

McCotter’s Book Serves as a Call to Citizenship

The Leaders of the First American Republic

Interesting Views Do Not Guarantee Relevance

New Book on Palin Offers Nothing New on Palin

Maier Explores States’ Ratification of Constitution

Author Relitigates Battles of Johnson County War

Author, Lawmakers Want ‘Libel Tourism’ on the Congressional Agenda

The Republican Search for Self Better Find Something Quickly

In Defense of Dynasties

Too Many Promises Now = More Disappointed Voters Later

Drop the Debates, Try Conflict Instead

What Palin and Obama Don’t Say Can Be Just As Dangerous As What They Do Say

Measuring the Candidates’ Qualifications An Inexact Science

A One-Term Pledge From McCain Is a Really Bad Idea

Without a Crystal Ball, Finding the ‘Real’ Issues Is Tough

An Obama Nomination Would Give McCain More VP Options

The Real Conservative Conundrum: A President McCain Working With a Democratic Congress