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Rick Boucher

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A man walks outside Pennsylvania Station in New York City in August. Secure and competitive 5G networks should be the domain of the private sector, not the government, Mehlman and Boucher write.

Why a government-owned 5G network is still a bad idea

A small television set sits inside the kitchen of a restaurant in Millis, Mass., on March 18. At a time when Americans need to know what’s going out, thousands of rural residents are facing a network TV blackout, Boucher writes.

Congress punished rural TV viewers, and we will pay the price during the pandemic

As many as 870,000 people — most living in rural areas — would lose access to at least some broadcast network signals if Congress does not renew the STELAR Act before Dec. 31, Boucher writes. (iStock)

STELAR Act reauthorization should top Congress’ year-end list

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