Virtual Event: Investing in Innovation: A Blueprint for Enduring American Semiconductor Leadership

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Event Overview

On July 21, CQ Roll Call and the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) hosted a virtual event to discuss:

  • Steps leaders in Washington are considering—including enactment in competitiveness legislation of CHIPS Act funding and a FABS Act investment tax credit for semiconductor manufacturing and design—to strengthen U.S. semiconductor leadership and help avert future chip shortages
  • What reinforcing semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing in the U.S. would mean for America's economic resilience, national security, and global competitiveness

From autos to washing machines to medical devices, the products we depend on are built on semiconductors. The global chip shortage has exposed vulnerabilities in the semiconductor supply chain and highlighted the urgent need for U.S. government investments and incentives for domestic chip research, design, and manufacturing.

Other countries are heavily investing in their own chip ecosystems to better prepare for future supply challenges and boost their ability to lead in the advanced tech of tomorrow. The U.S. government is considering bold innovation and competitiveness legislation that would level the global playing field and ensure more of the coming boom in semiconductor production and innovation occurs on U.S. shores.


  • John Neuffer, President & CEO, Semiconductor Industry Association
  • Steve Grasso, Managing Director, Global Government Affairs, GlobalFoundries
  • Bruce Andrews, Corporate VP & Chief Government Affairs Officer, Intel Corporation
  • Courtney Geduldig, Corporate VP, Global Public Affairs, Micron Technology
  • Mark Lippert, EVP, Samsung Electronics
  • Peter Cleveland, SVP, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

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