Capitol Police Join Federal, Local Officials in Terrorism-Response Drill

Posted May 12, 2003 at 2:10pm

The Capitol Police department will take part in a national terrorism drill being conducted this week by the Homeland Security and State departments.

The “Top Officials” exercise, referred to as TOPOFF 2 by organizers, brings together federal, state and local agencies to practice for emergencies in which an area is attacked by terrorists using a weapon of mass destruction, such as a biological or chemical agent.

The Congressionally mandated program, which begins Monday and wraps up Friday, will also include the American Red Cross, 19 federal agencies, and state and local agencies in the Washington, D.C.-metropolitan area, Washington state, Illinois and Canada.

According to the Homeland Security Department, the exercise will focus on two hypothetical incidents: a radioactive device detonated in Seattle and a biological agent released in Chicago.

Capitol Police representatives, led by Deputy Chief James Rohan, will include members of the hazardous materials squad, Hazardous Device Section, Operation Services Bureau and Command Center. The Capitol Police will also have a representative sitting in the D.C. Emergency Management Agency’s command post for the event.