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MEMORANDUM: Next on Springer?


TO: Producers, “Jerry Springer Show”

FROM: Dale Butland, Communications Director, Jerry Springer Exploratory Committee

DATE: June 19, 2003

RE: Next on Springer?

Hey Gang,

Greetings from the (soon to be official) campaign trail! Our good friend and mutual boss and I were kicking around some ideas about how to generate “buzz,” as we say in the business, for Jerry’s upcoming announcement. We were hoping we might be able to come up with some “tie-ins” (I’m really getting the hang of the industry jargon, huh?) between the show and the upcoming Senate race.

Let us know what you think about the suggestions. You can have your people touch base with my people, or we can all do lunch next time Jer and I are in town.

— My Campaign Manager Is Having My Baby!

— Swinging Senators and the House Members Who Love Them

— You Broke My Heart, Now I’m Gonna Filibuster Your Wedding

— Policy Luncheons: Uncensored and Uncut

— The Women of Congress Gone Wild

— Eric Fingerhut, Exposed!

— My Dad’s Nomination Is Being Stalled … and He’s Sleeping With My Girlfriend!

— How the President’s Tax Bill Will Affect People Who Have Dined with Aliens

— Help! My House Member Dresses Like a Stripper

— I Hate My Daughter’s Fiance … and His Voting Record!



P.S. If you hear any good dirt on the Senate Democratic leadership, let us know ASAP. We’re hoping to pull together a show during sweeps. Maybe “Daschle: Down and Dirty in Dakota”?

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