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A Quiz on the Capitol Visitors Center

1. What is the big hole on the East Front?

a. Pool for Rep. Rob Portman to practice kayaking

b. New visitor center

c. Sen. Robert Byrd’s new coal mine

d. Capitol Police Chief Terry Gainer’s new obstacle course for cops

2. What have crews dug up?

a. Twinkies circa 1950 in mint condition

b. Former Rep. Jim “Beam Me Up” Traficant’s many extra toupees

c. 18th-century Senate pay ledgers

d. Rep. Mike Ferguson’s lost Member pin

3. In what year is the Capitol Visitor Center slated to open?

a. 2004

b. 2005

c. 2010

d. Never

4. Where will the secret tunnels lead?

a. Cannon HOB

b. Politiki

c. Red River Grill

d. A lobbyist lounge

5. How does the CVC differ from CVS?

a. CVS ExtraCare card not an acceptable form of ID at Capitol

b. CVC doesn’t carry Rep. Jim Moran’s shade of blond

c. CVS open 24/7, CVC open ?

d. CVC cost overruns cause headaches, CVS offers aspirin to deal with them

6. Part of the CVC that Rep. Jack Kingston would like to cut:

a. Latte bar

b. Giant water slide

c. Auditorium

d. Doggie day care

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