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No Life on DNC Site

These pages in recent weeks have carried accounts of Democrats For Life of America Inc.’s attempt to get its Web site listed on a page of links carried on the Democratic National Committee site.

Late last month, the abortion-rights opponent got its answer: No.

“I do not think it would be appropriate to use official party resources, such as the DNC Web site, on behalf of organizations whose purpose is to reverse the current [party] platform and/or to enact legislation that contradicts that platform, which is the case with Democrats For Life,” DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe wrote in a letter to Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.), one of several Members of Congress who had urged the DNC to list the group. “I believe that the present language [in the platform], which states the consensus of the party’s national convention and recognizes that some Democrats have a different opinion, strikes the right balance and should be maintained.”

The letter was delivered to leaders of the anti-abortion-rights group at the beginning of a meeting with DNC officials — just a day after Democrats For Life’s annual fundraiser in Washington, D.C.

Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats For Life, said she is not sure what, if anything, the group will do next.

“We’re not giving up,” she said.

New Man on Main Street. Kevin Allexon, a former aide to Rep. Mark Green (R-Wis.), has joined the Republican Main Street Partnership as policy director. The group is a fundraising and political advocacy group for centrist Republicans.

Allexon has been with Green since 1999 and most recently served as his senior legislative assistant. He has also worked for another Dairy State Member, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R), in both D.C. and the district office.

At the partnership, he replaces Jason Foster, who left to attend law school at Drake University.

From Signs to Chairs. John Rabenberg is the new chairman of the Montana Republican Party. He replaces Ken Miller, a former state Senator who is running for governor.

Rabenberg — best known in Montana political circles as the man who designs and prints signs for just about every GOP candidate in the state — defeated former state Rep. Gilda Clancy late last month in the race to be chairman. Clancy was an aide to then-Rep. Rick Hill (R-Mont.).

Whack a Bush. Two Democratic consultants have launched a federal political action committee and Web site to serve, in their words, as “a new clearinghouse for fresh facts and evidence about how the Bush presidency is steering America off course.”

Bushwhack PAC and the Web site,, is the brain child of Dan Carol and Stuart Trevelyan, principals in the Carol/Trevelyan Strategy Group.

Carol is the former chief of opposition research for the Democratic National Committee and ran a similar independent effort against Oliver North’s (R) 1994 Senate campaign in Virginia. At the DNC, he helped conceive the “Anywhere But America” T-shirt that highlighted former President George H.W. Bush’s penchant for foreign travel while the American economy was faltering.

Trevelyan is a veteran of Bill Clinton’s storied 1992 presidential campaign war room.

According to the consultants, the Web site will feature, for now, a weekly dose of outrages from the Bush administration, sprinkled with humor.

“The only good Bush presidency is a one-term presidency,” Trevelyan said.

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