Icing on the Cake

Posted June 16, 2004 at 3:48pm

Most sports fans celebrate when their team wins a championship. But if you’re a Member of Congress, there is usually an added perk: a tasty treat from the losing team’s home city. And with the Tampa Bay Lightning having defeated the Philadelphia Flyers on their way to the National Hockey League championship, Rep. Jim Davis (D-Fla.) and staff had the opportunity to indulge themselves Monday. From left, aides Patrick Givens and J.J. Piskadlo help Davis dig into the cannolis and cheese steaks from Denofa’s in South Philadelphia provided by Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.), who had to watch his team go down in seven games.

But the biggest winner this week was Lightning owner William Davidson, whose Detroit Pistons knocked off the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA championship Tuesday night.

Looks like someone from L.A. has to pay up.