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Bay State Members Bring You the Best of Boston

You trust them with your tax dollars to make decisions that affect your security, health and well being — so why not trust their recommendations about your palate and touring stops?

As a service to readers during this week’s Democratic National Convention, Roll Call asked Members of Congress from the Bay State to lend their expertise on the best of Boston. With picks ranging from the standard favorite restaurant to the best overlooked historic site, these local gems are guaranteed to delight.


Favorite restaurant: Ristorante Saraceno, 286 Hanover St.; (617) 227-5888

“Whenever I’m in the Boston area, I always try to head over to the North End for dinner. My favorite place has to be Saraceno’s on Hanover Street. I have been going there for almost 10 years. It’s just a enjoyable relaxing place with great food and great service.”

Favorite “undiscovered” spot: African-American Meeting House, 8 Smith Court

“It is a unique treasure, the oldest black church building which was built by African-American artisans. It is a museum celebrating the rich contributions of African Americans in colonial New England, and a must-see in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood.”

Must-see place for visitors: Longfellow House, 105 Brattle St., Cambridge; (617) 876-4491;

“Home of one of America’s most beloved poets, also the site of General George Washington’s headquarters in the early moments of the American Revolution. It’s a beautiful home, newly renovated, in the heart of Cambridge and its archives and artifacts will be of interest to young and old alike.”

Another must-see: Adams National Historical Park, 135 Adams St., Quincy; (617) 770-1175,

“Just south of Boston in nearby Quincy, the Adams National Historic Park includes a number of historic buildings, including the birthplaces of President Adams and his son, President John Quincy Adams. The adjoining historic church where both presidents and their wives are entombed remains a working parish today. The site also includes a library with over 14,000 volumes and beautifully landscaped grounds.”


Favorite restaurant: Locke Ober, 3 Winter Place; (617) 542-1340,

“The quintessential historic Boston restaurant. John F. Kennedy dined there frequently.”

Favorite neighborhood bar: Doyle’s Café, 3484 Washington St., Jamaica Plain, (617) 524-2345; https://www.doylescafé.com

Favorite “undiscovered” spot: Bartley’s Burgers, Massachusetts Avenue in Harvard Square, Cambridge

“This place is a Harvard Square institution with the best hamburgers in the Boston area, but you wouldn’t know it unless you grew up there.”

Must-see place for visitors: A walk down Hanover Street in Boston’s North End. “You’ll see all sorts of great little pastry and coffee shops in a historic neighborhood. Going through there is a real, authentic Boston experience.”


Favorite restaurant: Via Matta, 79 Park Plaza;

(Rep. McGovern will be hosting a party there in honor of Sen. George McGovern (D-S.D.) and his wife, Eleanor, though the Representative and the Senator are not related.)

Favorite neighborhood bar: Amrheins, 80 West Broadway, South Boston; (617) 268-6189

“The best bar in town and some good sandwiches too.”

Favorite “undiscovered” spot: Sullivan’s Take-Out, Castle Island

“That used to be my favorite spot for some take-out and a walk along the harbor, when I was working for [former Rep.] Joe Moakley.”

Must-see place for visitors: Fenway Park, (617) 267-9440; Home of the Boston Red Sox since opening day on April 20, 1912. Also home of past baseball greats — Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Carlton Fisk among them.

Another must-see: The John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse, Boston Harbor, 1 Courthouse Way; (617) 748-9152

Also: Boston’s North End, for the variety of restaurants and pastry shops


Favorite restaurants: Icarus, 3 Appleton St.; (617) 426-1790;

Meze, 100 City Square; (617) 242-6393;

Paolo’s Trattoria, 251 Main St.; (617) 242-7229;

Must-see places for visitors: Fenway Park; North End’s produce open market (Open Fridays and Saturdays, located North of Faneuil Hall Marketplace); Boston Commons and Boston Gardens; the Charles Riverfront

Favorite “undiscovered” spot: “It is still a secret,” Tierney said.


Must-see places for visitors: Fenway Park

Another must-see: Revere Beach: Facing Massachusetts Bay, Revere Beach is located five miles north of Boston. Known as the oldest public beach in the country, the 3-mile stretch of land was taken in 1895 by the Massachusetts legislature, which entrusted the land to the Metropolitan Park Commission one year later.

Also: Lexington Green, Where the “shot heard ‘round the world” launched the Revolutionary War in the early morning of April 19, 1775. After being warned by Paul Revere that British forces were on their way, roughly 50-70 militiamen gathered on the town green of Lexington, where Gen. Thomas Gage had ordered his troops to capture patriot leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock.


Favorite bar: Any sand bar in Boston Harbor

Must see place for visitors: “Check out any residential neighborhood in the 8th Congressional district; get beyond the tourist areas to meet our residents. See your first triple decker home housing four generations of the same family.”

Favorite “undiscovered” spot: Boston Harbor Islands, (617) 223-8666, Including 34 islands within the Greater Boston shoreline, Boston Harbor Islands national park area is a place where visitors can see tide pools, a Civil War-era fort, climb a lighthouse, go on hiking trails, go camping, picnicking, fishing or swimming.


Favorite place for cappuccino/dessert: Café Vittoria, 294 Hanover St., North End; (617) 227-7606

Best seafood: Legal Seafood, Long Wharf, (617) 227-3115; also at Copley Place and Prudential Center;

Favorite restaurants: No. 9 Park, 9 Park St.; (617) 742-9991;

224 Boston Street, 224 Boston St., Dorchester; (617) 265-1217

Favorite bars: Doyle’s Café, 3484 Washington St., Jamaica Plain, (617) 524-2345; https://www.doylescafé.com

Woody’s L Street Tavern, 658 E. 8th St., South Boston; (617) 268-4335. The local hangout of the characters from the movie “Good Will Hunting.”

The Quiet Man Pub, 11 West Broadway, South Boston; (617)269-9878. “Try the steak tips!”

Favorite “undiscovered” spot: Castle Island, William J. Day Blvd., South Boston; (617) 268-5744. One of 34 Boston Harbor Islands, Castle Island has been attached to the mainland since the 1930s and is said to be the site of the oldest continuously used military fortification in the country. Built by the British in the 1600s, the fortification was originally called Fort William but was renamed Fort Independence in 1799 after coming under American control in 1776.

Best overlooked historic site: Dorchester Heights, South Boston; Dorchester_Heights.htm. On the night of March 4, 1776, colonial militiamen silently fortified the hilltop of Dorchester Heights with cannons they retrieved from Fort Ticonderoga, N.Y. Later that month, British General Howe and his troops abandoned Boston to George Washington’s army, setting sail for Nova Scotia.


Favorite restaurant: Ciao Bella, 240 Newbury St., (617) 536-2626

Favorite neighborhood bar: Anyplace at Marina Bay in Quincy, which has great views of the ocean

Another favorite: Marina Bay on Boston Harbor, 333 Victory Road, North Quincy; (617) 847-1800

Favorite “undiscovered” spot: Heritage Plantation, located in Sandwich, the oldest town on Cape Cod; (508) 888-3300

Must-see place for visitors: Adams National Historical Park

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