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Senators? Looks Like Only One

When the Republican baseball team took the field at what is now known as RFK Stadium in 1966, the squad wore the uniform of the local professional team, the Washington Senators. But as play began in the 5th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, the GOP team had only one Senator of its own: Robert Griffin (Mich.). The rest of the team served in the House.

The star-studded roster: (back row, from left) Glenn Davis (Wis.), Bob Michel (Ill.), George Hansen (Idaho), James Broyhill (N.C.), Donald Rumsfeld (Ill.), Harold Collier (Ill.), Gerald Ford (Mich.), Speaker John McCormack (D-Mass.), Charles Goodell (N.Y.), Donald Clausen (Calif.), (front row, from left) John Duncan Sr. (Tenn.), William Ayres (Ohio), William Broomfield (Mich.), Silvio Conte (Mass.) and Griffin. Eventually, Broyhill and Goodell would move to the Senate.

The Republicans won the game, 14-7. In fact, that was the third of an 11-game victory streak for Republicans, who have dominated the game throughout its history with a record of 28-13-1. Perhaps with a different pro team beginning play at RFK this year, the Democrats will be able to reverse that trend. The Washington Nationals play their first home game April 14.

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