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Roll Call in 1955: “Well, Here We Are”

The following editorial appeared in the first issue of Roll Call on June 16, 1955, under the headline “Well, Here We Are.”

Publication of the first issue of ROLL CALL marks the first time in the recorded history of Capitol Hill that a newspaper has appeared dedicated entirely to the people and activities of our little community.

We’ve done a lot of talking about ROLL CALL, frankly in the hope of receiving some encouragement for the undertaking. We were met with more skepticism than we would like to admit. But, then, it is hard to visualize something entirely new and different, something that must be created out of whole cloth and thin air.

Well, here we are, and there you are, and we hope you’ll like us.

Our aim is to create more interest in Hill activities, to present a newspaper of such concentrated appeal that it will be read from cover to cover, to provide each and every inhabitant of Capitol Hill with a copy, to inform neighbors and friends of illnesses, births, marriages, and various personal affairs of their cohorts and colleagues, without of course, getting too personal; to remain completely non-partisan, while reserving the right to kid the pants off both parties, always within the bounds of good taste; to provide a service to the Congressmen and legislative employees of Capitol Hill, and to the various organizations which are an integral part of the Hill.

Pre-publication request for subscriptions by non-Hill workers have been surprising. ROLL CALL does not have facilities to fill outside subscriptions. We have devised a scheme whereby those desiring copies of ROLL CALL may get them through their own Senator or Representative. Extra copies will be provided for this purpose upon advance request.

We hope to support publication of the paper by advertising. Due to the unique nature of ROLL CALL and its exclusive circulation, extreme discretion will be used in the selection of advertising matter. The editor will reserve the right to decline any advertising copy which is deemed inappropriate for this newspaper.

We’d like to make ROLL CALL completely representative of all facets of Hill life, and in this endeavor we call upon all of our readers to test out their Nose for News. You are all deputized as ROLL CALL reporters.

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