Yogurt Mogul Won’t Stir Democratic Senate Race

Posted March 13, 2007 at 2:40pm

The founder of Stonyfield Farm, which makes the eponymous yogurt, decided Tuesday to forgo running for Senate.

Gary Hirshberg (D) has been a big Democratic donor over the years but has never sought public office himself.

He toyed with the idea of challenging Sen. John Sununu (R) but declared it would interfere too much with his business.

He left the door open a crack, however, by saying that if he can get his business affairs squared to his liking he “may re-evaluate” his decision.

Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand (D) and Katrina Swett (D), who has lost a House race in the Granite State before, already are vying for their party’s nomination.

Sununu is a top Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee target.

— Nicole Duran