Shea-Porter Release Draws GOP Complaint

Posted April 10, 2007 at 1:07pm

Republicans are accusing Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D) of improperly commingling government and campaign resources, specifically in the form of a press release that was still appearing simultaneously on her campaign and Congressional office Web sites at press time on Monday.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is claiming that a press release Shea-Porter put out on a vote she cast affecting health care for military veterans is appearing on her campaign Web site in violation of House rules.

“Carol Shea-Porter continues to either ignorantly or intentionally cross the line by using taxpayer dollars for campaign purposes,” NRCC spokesman Ken Spain said Monday.

The NRCC says that Shea-Porter is violating the rules because the exact same press release is appearing on her campaign and Congressional Web sites simultaneously — and because the press release on both Web sites offers the same Congressional aide and that aide’s cell phone number as a contact.

The NRCC cited Advisory Opinion No. 6, as expressed by the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct in 1982, to make its case.

Shea-Porter’s office was unable to comment at press time.

— David M. Drucker