Businessman Likes Ike, Covets Johnson’s Seat

Posted May 23, 2007 at 4:28pm

Spearfish businessman Sam Kephart, a pro-abortion-rights Republican who bills himself as an “Eisenhower Republican,” has announced his candidacy for Senate, according to the Sioux City Journal.

Kephart describes himself as conservative on fiscal and military issues and progressive on social issues. The self-employed businessman questioned the ability of incumbent Sen. Tim Johnson (D) to serve in the aftermath of a Dec. 13 stroke.

“I have some substantial questions about the propriety of him continuing given the serious nature of his health problems,” Kephart said.

Kephart is not seen as a preferred candidate of state or national GOP leaders.

Johnson’s staff has said the Senator’s recovery is going well and the Democrat intends to run for re-election next year.
— David M. Drucker