Potential Lipinski Foe Raises $140K Out of Gate

Posted July 20, 2007 at 11:13am

Rep. Dan Lipinski (D) could have an expensive primary next year.

Mark Pera (D), an assistant state’s attorney in Chicago, raised more than $140,000 during his first quarter in the race.

Pera began July with more than $115,000 in the bank. Lipinski had almost $270,000 cash on hand.

Eager pols in the heavily Democratic 3rd district were none too happy when Lipinski’s father, former Rep. Bill Lipinski, won the Democratic nomination to seek a 12th term in 2004, then decided to retire and let Dan Lipinski replace him on the general election ballot.

The younger Lipinski had two primary opponents last year, but he sealed the nomination with 55 percent of the vote.
— Nicole Duran