Diageo Hotline Poll Shows No Clear Favorite In Either Party

Posted December 18, 2007 at 10:01pm

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This “national primary” poll of voters in both parties reports that there is no clear favorite on either side. Hillary Clinton’s 35 percent to 30 percent lead over Barack Obama is within the margin of error, as is Rudy Giuliani’s 21 percent to 17 percent lead over Mike Huckabee. Only one other Democrat is in double-digits — John Edwards, at 14 percent. Among Republicans, Mitt Romney is third at 13 percent followed by Fred Thompson at 11 percent, John McCain at 10 percent and Ron Paul at 7 percent. The poll of 336 Democratic voters and 291 Republican voters was conducted Dec. 10-14 and has a 5.3 percent margin of error on the Democratic side and 5.7 percent on the Republican side.