Democrats In Free-For-All in Iowa And N.H; GOP Picture Clearer In Each State

Posted December 27, 2007 at 11:34pm

Read the full story on the Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll

This new poll says Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards are in a three-way dead heat in Iowa and that Clinton and Obama are in a statistical tie in New Hampshire, where Obama was trailing 35 percent to 16 percent in September, and now leads Clinton by 32 percent to 30 percent. The Iowa numbers are Clinton 29 percent, Obama 26 percent and Edwards 25 percent. The margin of error is 4 points.

On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee has opened up a 37 percent to 23 percent lead in Iowa over Mitt Romney who had for months been the frontrunner. The story is far different in New Hampshire where Huckabee does not have the advantage of evangelical support that he has in Iowa. As other polls have found, Huckabee is way in the back of the field at 9 percent, while Romney leads with 34%. John McCain has jumped into second place with 21 percent while Rudy Giuliani now languishes at 15 percent.

The pollsters say that support for Clinton and McCain might increase if voters in either state grow more concerned about international turmoil because of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Clinton scores higher than other Democrats when it comes to handling national security matters, and Republicans believe that McCain is best-equipped to handle foreign policy issues.