Update On Super Tuesday: Clinton Ahead But Race Is Tightening

Posted February 1, 2008 at 11:22am

Read the TPM Election Central story

TPM Election Central has put together an excellent chart of the latest polls in the 22 Super Tuesday states. The headline is that on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is ahead in the bulk of states but the race is tightening.

Some other polls just out:

New Jersey: In a Rasmussen Reports survey conducted the night after Rudy Giuliani’s withdrawal, John McCain was leading Mitt Romney 43 percent to 29 percent with Mike Huckabee way back at 7 percent. McCain attracted 62 percent of the moderate vote and split the conservatives with Romney. On the Democratic side, Clinton leads Obama 49 percent to 37 percent, down from her 18 point margin two weeks ago. As most polls are showing, the economy is regarded as the top issue with Iraq a double-digit second. The margin of error is 4 percent.

Massachusetts: A SurveyUSA/WBZ poll has Romney ahead in his homestate by a 57 percent to 34 percent margin over McCain. On the Democratic side, Clinton leads Obama 57 percent to 33 percent.