Republican And Democratic Differences On Which Issues Are Key

Posted February 13, 2008 at 5:01pm

Read the full USA Today/Gallup poll

In a survey conducted Feb.8-10, USA Today/Gallup found that the top issue for Republican voters was terrorism. Fifty percent of Republicans cited that as “extremely important” with six other issues bunched up in the 30s, in this order: moral values, corruption in government, the economy, Iraq, illegal immigration and taxes. The ranking of “moral values” could be one explainer on why John McCain has struggled to the extent he did with the voters to whom Mike Huckabee appealed. The difference between most of those second tier issues were within the poll’s 6 point margin of error.

The four top issues ranked as “extremely important” by Democrat were also within the margin of error: Iraq (50 percent), healthcare (48 percent), the economy (45 percent), and education (44 percent). For Democrats, terrorism, moral values and illegal immigration were in the bottom four.

The top five issues for Independents — again, all within the 6 point margin of error of each other — were the economy, Iraq, corruption, terrorism and energy, including gas prices.