Indiana: Elrod Apologizes for Political Work on Floor

Posted February 15, 2008 at 6:43pm

Hoosier Democrats caught state Rep. Jon Elrod (R) on video last week writing campaign letters on the floor of the state House and handing them to a state-funded employee to put in the mail. After The Indianapolis Star reported the incident, Elrod apologized for the “really poor judgment on my part.”

“I feel horrible about it. I really do. To put our caucus and everyone else in this position, it’s just inexcusable,” Elrod told the newspaper.

Elrod and the employee violated a House rule that forbids employees from doing political activities during work, according to the published report. Elrod promised the paper that he would not bring his campaign materials near the statehouse again.

Elrod is running against Indianapolis City-County Councilor André Carson (D) to fill the seat vacated by Carson’s grandmother, former Rep. Julia Carson, who passed away in December.

The special election is scheduled for March 11; however, both men also are running for a full term in their respective party primaries on May 6.
— Shira Toeplitz