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Tell Us What They Watch And We’ll Tell You How They Vote

Read the full Zogby/Lear poll

We don’t often go in for old polls, but couldn’t resist this one when reminded by the special Election 2008 website set up by the University of Southern California to showcase its political experts. They reprised a piece about a poll done last year by the Zogby/Lear Center Survey On Politics And Entertainment on how the TV tastes of Americans match up with their politics.

Some highlights when it comes to Red, Blue and Purple tastes:

**Red (37 percent of the sample)**

– They think a lot of TV programming is in bad taste.
– They do, however, like Fox and Fox News whose programming draws three times as many conservative viewers as liberals.
– They like sports, especially football and auto racing and they go to sporting events more than they go to movies.

**Blue (39 percent of the sample)**

– They like lots of different kinds of entertainment even if it doesn’t reflect their personal tastes.
– High on their viewing lists are 60 Minutes, HBO, PBS, The Daily Show and Comedy Central.
– They go to the movies more than conservatives.
– They play video games more than conservatives.

**Purple (24 percent of the sample)**

– They are big consumers of all the TV networks and like police shows, game shows and reality programming.
– One in four Purple women watches Desperate Housewives each week.
– They prefer rock music.
– They don’t have much of a taste for politically-themed movies or books.

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