Hispanics Accounting For Growing Share Of Primary Turnouts

Posted February 22, 2008 at 11:44am

Read the full Pew Hispanic Center analysis

The Pew Hispanic Center has analyzed exit polls for 15 states that have voted so far and came up with list of toplines about the Hispanic vote in this year’s campaign. The report noted what we already know — that so far, Hispanics have shown a marked preference for Hilly Clinton over Barack Obama, but the key phrase there is “so far,” given that polls have been showing inroads Obama has been making into key blocs of Clinton support. The question is: will Hispanics be next?

A Washington Post-ABC News poll, conducted Feb.16-20 and released yesterday, said Hispanics are key to Clinton’s chances in the March 4 Texas primary. The poll said Clinton led Obama in this group 59 to 36 percent, about the same as the average of all exit polls in other states, but that her chances depended on how heavy the actual turnout would be.