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Minnesota: Lawmaker Ruins State Republican Party’s Day

State Sen. Dick Day has decided to bypass his party’s endorsement process and run in the Sept. 9 Republican primary. The other two Republicans, state Rep. Randy Demmer and Mayo Clinic physician Brian Davis, signed the party’s pledge to adhere to the endorsement process.

The winner of the GOP contest will take on freshman Rep. Tim Walz (D) in the fall.

“Unlike the DFL Party, the Republican Party’s endorsement actually means something,” state Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey said in a statement. “I am pleased that Dr. Davis and Rep. Demmer have agreed to abide by the endorsement of our First District activists and avoid a primary battle in our effort to defeat a far-left liberal like Tim Walz.”

Day told local news media outlets that he thought letting voters decide the primary instead of just party activists is the more democratic way. Republicans in the 1st district are scheduled to decide between Demmer and Davis on March 29 at their Congressional district convention.

The district that comprises southern Minnesota votes marginally Republican. Before Walz, former Rep. Gil Gutknecht (R) held on to the seat for six terms.
— Shira Toeplitz

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