Who DON’T You Want In The White House?

Posted April 2, 2008 at 3:21pm

Gallup had a new twist today on what it asked Americans: What do you least like about the presidential contenders? The poll was conducted March 24-27.

– The candidate Americans least want to see as President is John McCain. Forty percent expressed that view versus 36 percent who want no part of Hillary Clinton and 36 percent who don’t want Obama. Before you leap to conclusions, Gallup notes: “McCain leads this inauspicious list in part because he is the only Republican among the three candidates — meaning he is the primary focus of Democrats and independents who lean Democratic, while Republicans can split their choices between Obama and Clinton.”
– Of those who least want to see Obama in the White House, 39 percent cited his inexperience as the reason, followed by 15 percent who don’t trust him, 12 percent who disagree with his views and 11 percent who dislike his religious affiliation.
– McCain’s biggest problem is his support of the war in Iraq. Twenty-seven percent of his detractors don’t want to see him elected for that reason. Twenty-five percent say he is too much like President Bush and 23 percent say it is simply because he is a Republican.
– Honesty is Clinton’s biggest weakness, as previous polling has shown. Twenty-four percent of her critics say they don’t trust her, 18 percent don’t want Bill anywhere near the White House again, 16 percent just don’t like her, 12 percent believe she’d do a bad job, 11 percent cite “past baggage,” and 10 percent don’t agree with her political views.