Races Tightening in Indiana, North Carolina

Posted May 1, 2008 at 9:51am

New polls from Indiana and North Carolina, which vote on Tuesday, show tightening races in those states where, at one time, Obama had double-digit leads in one and Clinton in the other.

An InsiderAdvantage poll conducted April 29 says that Hillary Clinton has overcome a onetime double-digit deficit and now leads Barack Obama in North Carolina by 44 percent to 42 percent with 14 percent undecided. The lead is within the poll’s 3.8 percent margin of error. Most of the change was due to shifts among white voters over 45. However, InsiderAdvantage’s Matt Towery says, that because his poll usually does not pick up what he calls “the eventual compression of black voters” for Obama just before election day, “I believe when all is said and done, Obama will likely carry North Carolina; or if he loses the race, it will be by just a few points.” Polls on Tuesday had Obama’s lead at 14 and 5 points.

Stories today in the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer explore the Wright factor in the state.

In Indiana, Rasmussen Reports has Clinton ahead of Obama 46 percent to 41 percent with another big undecided bloc at 13 percent. The poll was conducted April 29 and has a margin of error of 5 points. Clinton is viewed favorably by 73 percent of Indiana Democrats and Obama by 70 percent. A Gauge Market Research and Howey Politics Indiana poll yesterday had this race tied and Public Policy Polling on Tuesday had Clinton ahead by 8.

While you’re here, check out the major national polls released yesterday: