National Association of Home Builders to Resume PAC Donations

Posted May 5, 2008 at 2:02pm

The National Association of Home Builders, which took the unprecedented move of freezing its well-heeled political action committee on Feb. 12, voted late last week to restart its giving, according to an NAHB source.

The influential group, which ranks among the top six trade association PACs, had pulled the plug on donations after Congress failed to include several key items for the housing industry in the stimulus bill it passed earlier this year.

During the group’s spring board meeting, board members decided Congress is now sufficiently dealing with the credit crunch and foreclosure debacle.

In the 2006 election cycle, BUILD PAC handed out $2.9 million in federal campaign donations, with 73 percent going to Republicans, who lost control of Congress in that year’s election.

Despite the freeze on the PAC’s giving nearly three months ago, BUILD PAC had already doled out nearly $900,000 this cycle and was taking a more bipartisan path, sending 45 percent to Democrats and 55 percent to the GOP.

The news that the NAHB was reinstating its PAC giving was first reported in CongressDaily.

— Kate Ackley