California Voters Take Negative View of Pelosi

Posted June 5, 2008 at 4:27pm

California registered voters disapprove of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s job performance by a 39 percent to 30 percent margin, with 31 percent expressing no opinion, according to a Field Poll conducted May 17-26. Opinions of Pelosi are predictably split along party lines with Democrats approving of her performance by 47 percent to 23 percent and Republicans viewing her unfavorably by 62 percent to 16 percent. Almost half of non-affiliated voters have no opinion, but among those who do, they disapprove of her performance 38 percent to 18 percent. Pelosi’s best job approval ratings came in March 2007 after she had been Speaker for about two months. At that time, 48 percent of all California voters gave her positive marks compared to 27 percent who did not, with 25 percent undecided.