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The Impact of Clinton’s Withdrawal

[]( Tracker is going to go – what they like to describe in politics and punditry – a little off-message this afternoon. Maybe it’s today’s brutal heat here in the heart of the Beltway.

But we thought you might like to see what some of the leading news organizations are writing about the various ways Clinton’s departure from the race may play out.

Los Angeles Times: Clinton’s Five Stages of Grief
New York Times: The Long Road to a Clinton Exit
New York Times: Clinton Bloc Becomes Prize for the Election
Boston Globe: Clinton’s Female Base Torn Over Loss
Politico: For Clintons, An Old Dream Finally Fades
Chicago Tribune: Opportunity for McCain Among Women Voters?
Slate: Why Hillary’s Loss is Bill’s Gain
National Review: Then We Came to the End
Hillary’s Final Curtain | SALON Salon: Hillary’s Final Curtain

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