Louisiana: Calongne Skips Race, Launches New Group

Posted June 27, 2008 at 4:51pm

Businesswoman Laurinda Calongne (R), who lost a 6th district special election primary bid in April to former state Rep. Woody Jenkins (R), announced last week that she will not be a candidate again in the fall.

Instead, Calongne said she will be launching a new political group, the Conservative Leadership Council, which will encourage citizens to become more active in the political process.

Calongne’s exit from the general election primary field came a week after state Sen. Bill Cassidy (R) threw his hat into the ring. Cassidy wasn’t a candidate during the spring special election — where Jenkins eventually lost to now-Rep. Don Cazayoux (D) — but he appears to be the candidate that state party officials, including popular Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), are lining up behind. But Jenkins has said he intends to run again despite some national Republicans calling him a “flawed candidate” after his special election loss.