McCain’s Possible VP Choices and Their Downsides

Posted July 27, 2008 at 1:02pm

Veep Candidate Job Downside
Charlie Crist Gov. of Florida Can he make decisions? (He is now engaged for the fifth time)
Carly Fiorina ex-HP CEO Nearly ran HP into the ground, fired by the board, given $40 million severance pay
Bobby Jindal Gov. of Louisiana Performs amateur exorcisms; late-night comics would go wild
Mike Huckabee ex-Gov. of Arkansas McCain thinks he’s crazy
Kay Hutchison Sen. from. Texas Might not play well with working-class men
Sarah Palin Gov. of Alaska Under investigation for possibly breaking the law trying to fire her brother in law
Tim Pawlenty Gov. of Minnesota Unknown nationally and Dems will win Minnesota even with him on the ticket
Rob Portman ex-OMB Director Like the economy? Good. Hire Bush’s budget director for a repeat performance
Tom Ridge ex Gov. of Pennsylvania Pro choice, which will infuriate the Base
Mitt Romney ex-Gov. of Mass. Flip-flops are all over You Tube; antiMormon bigotry is widespread in the South
Mark Sanford Gov. of South Carolina Unknown outside his state
John Thune Sen. from South Dakota Only three years in the Senate and unknown outside his state