Minnesota: Independence Party Is Backing Sarvi for House

Posted July 30, 2008 at 6:38pm

Iraq War veteran Steve Sarvi (D) won the endorsement from his district’s Independence Party in his bid against Rep. John Kline (R), according to a release from the Democrat’s campaign.

Independence Party district Chairman Marian Brown said in a statement that the party endorses a candidate from another party if it does not already have a candidate in the race and if the candidate agrees with at least 75 percent of the party platform. While Sarvi won’t appear on the ballot on the Independence Party line, the party will not run a candidate in the race.

“As I have gotten to know the members of the Independence Party, it has become clear to me that if anyone wants a change in course, it’s them,” Sarvi said.

Sarvi is waging an uphill battle against Kline, who has served three terms. The district leans Republican.