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Dean: Republicans ‘Don’t Give a Damn’ About Rural Voters

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, a former Vermont governor, said his party should do more to emphasize its efforts to address the needs of rural America, from lowering fuel prices to investing in infrastructure.

Dean said a push for more votes in rural America is part of his 50 state strategy, which aims to win elections on every level throughout the county. “We need to be in rural America … the votes are there,” Dean said today at a meeting of the party’s rural caucus.

Dean acknowledged that many rural Americans traditionally vote Republican, but he said those voters need to realize the Republicans “don’t give a damn” and constantly give them “the short end of the stick.”

Dean said rural America “is hurting more than anyone else and has been lied to more than anyone else,” It’s time to allow Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama “to heal this country,” he said.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), speaking to the caucus as well, said, “From a rural perspective, it is just going to be a disaster if Sen. John McCain gets elected.”