The Vice Presidential Debate: CQ Politics’ Bests and Mosts

Posted October 3, 2008 at 12:00am

Most Discussed Topic: The Economy
Best New Counterpunch: Biden on 477 Tax Increases
Best Turn of an Opponent’s Phrase: Palin Paraphrases Biden
First Gaffe: Moderator Gwen Ifill on House Bailout Vote
Biggest Palin Gaffe: Misnaming Commander in Afghanistan
an important commander
Biggest Biden Gaffe: Missing VP’s Constitutional Place and Role
Article I
Best Stolen Line: Palin Swipes “There You Go Again” from Reagan
Most Awkward Sound: Biden Drawing a Breath
Most Yoda-like Answer: Biden on McCain’s Often-Repeated Claim of Being a “Maverick”
Biggest Area of Agreement: Gay Marriage
Best (and only) Shout Out: Palin Gets Bonus Points for Elementary School
Most Self-Congratulatory Line: Tie. Biden on ‘Admission,’ Palin on ‘Maverick’
Most Utterances of the Word “Maverick”: Biden