Missouri: NRCC Hits Barnes on Her Fannie Mae Ties

Posted October 8, 2008 at 6:25pm

The National Republican Congressional Committee on Wednesday linked former Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes (D) with the recent turmoil involving Fannie Mae, highlighting her position five years ago on the mortgage giant’s national advisory board.

“Kay Barnes was so anxious to push unsound policies at Fannie Mae with her own disastrous plans that she failed to account for the long-term consequences that these policies would eventually sow,” NRCC spokesman Ken Spain said in a statement. “Sadly, Kay Barnes would fit right in with liberal Democrats on Capitol Hill who are all too happy to push their reckless agenda at the expense of a sound and stable economy. The people of Missouri just can’t afford to elect a leader with such astoundingly poor judgment.”

Meanwhile, as the NRCC beat up on the Democrat, Barnes’ campaign released what it described as GOP Rep. Sam Graves’ 2006 Congressional travel records, showing the lawmaker is the “biggest spender on travel among members of Congress in both Missouri and Kansas.”

“This just doesn’t sit right with Missourians,” Barnes spokesman Steve Glorioso said in a statement. “Congressman Graves’ list of legislative accomplishments could fit on a cocktail napkin. Yet, one of his only achievements has been to charge the use of his fleet of airplanes to hardworking taxpayers. Missouri values must look a lot different from 10,000 feet.”

Barnes campaign also continued to batter Graves on his personal fleet of airplanes, a federally financed airport located steps off of his property and allegations that the lawmaker is cheating on his tax bill.

“Thanks to privilege and influence, Congressman Sam Graves has expanded his fleet of airplanes from two to eight,” Glorioso said. “Graves passed a law that allowed him to charge taxpayers for his use of the airplanes, and his family’s airstrip has benefitted from almost a million dollars in federal funds. Now, we know he is not even paying taxes on his entire fleet.”