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Matthew Murray

The Latest From Matthew Murray

2010 Recap: GOP Errors Help Democrats Win

Conservative Groups Bemoan Senate Barriers

K Street Files: Netflix Hires ‘at Large’ Lobbyist; Thorn Run Expands

Immigration-Reform Lobbyists Prepare for Tough Crowd in 112th

Lobbyist Ends Work With Ivory Coast

Issa Probing For-Profit University Report

Jay Timmons Replacing Engler at NAM

John Engler to Head Business Roundtable

GOPer Gregg Hartley Plans to Stay at Cassidy

Ex-Rep. Russo, 12 Employees Out in Cassidy Shake-Up

Cassidy & Associates Shakes Up Staff

What’s at Stake for Lobbying Interests in Next Year’s Tax Fight?

K Street Files: AGA Nabs McCurdy; Daly Joins Ogilvy Team

Ethanol Subsidies Add Fuel to the Tax Debate

Business Vs. Unions Now Moves Off the Hill

K Street Files: Boehner Gains Staffer; Grassley Loses One

Gregg Declines Business Roundtable

NRCC Flack Headed to Private Sector

Foreign Governments Look for Support on K Street

K Street Files: Hurting Gulf Seafood Industry Wants U.S. to Buy In

Salaries for Top Watchdogs Exceed $100K

Unemployed Push Congress for Benefits Extension

K Street Files: Aristotle Launches a PAC; Judd Gregg Stays Put

Retailers in the Market for Job-Spurring Proposals

Members on List of Likely Finalists for Roundtable Job

CREW’s Sloan to Partner With Lanny Davis

Donohue: Biggest Threat to Business Is New Regulation

K Street Files: Retail Politics — Durbin Looks to Refill Coffers

Stingy 112th Will Test Corporate Influences

GOP Lobbyists Field Offers to Return to Hill

K Street Files: Lobbying Help Wanted at Toyota

Chamber Watch: Business Group ‘Central’ to GOP Gains

NFL Players to Team Up With AFL-CIO in Labor Dispute

SEIU Shuffles Staff

Blue Dogs on K Street Say Their Clout Stays

Twitter Makes Sharp Hire for New D.C. Outpost

No Doubt About This: Record Spending

No Doubt About This: Record Spending

Top Finance Aide to Corker Returns to K Street

Sherrod Brown Boosting Ohio Democrats With 2012 in Mind

K Street GOP Prepares to Cash In

Frank Reaps Some Re-Election Support From Financial Services

One Lobbyist on Track to Channel $2.5 Million to DCCC

Big Business Lobby Reports Huge Spending

Senate Democrats Ask for Tighter Rules on Foreign Money in Campaigns

National Climate an Undue Weight to Carnahan Bid

Recess Doesn’t Stop K Street Fundraising

Natural Gas Lobby Drills for Democratic Allies

Hook, Line and Sinker Diversions

C Street’s Merry Band of Sinners