North Carolina: DSCC Blasts Dole on Outsourcing in New Ad

Posted October 8, 2008 at 6:24pm

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee went up with another television ad on Wednesday, this time criticizing Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R) for twice voting against a tax proposal that Democrats say curtailed job outsourcing to China.

“Oh, you can’t read Chinese,” a man in a rocking chair jokes when told by his friend that he is reading a Chinese newspaper.

“Well, that’s where our jobs are going,” the man reading the newspaper says. “Liddy Dole voted for tax breaks for companies that are shipping our jobs overseas … we’ve lost 100,000 jobs and she’s still giving tax breaks to companies that export our jobs.”

“What’s happened to the Liddy Dole I knew?” he asks at the end of the 30-second spot.

The DSCC has spent more than $6 million in recent months softening up Dole, who faces a tough re-election battle this year with state Sen. Kay Hagan (D) — and, perhaps more importantly, a DSCC intent on ousting her.

“North Carolinians are tired of watching their jobs get outsourced, whether it’s manufacturing jobs to China or the U.S. Senate job to someone who spends all their time in Washington,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement. “Elizabeth Dole may want to reward companies that ship jobs overseas, but for North Carolinians struggling in these tough economic times, that’s a fireable offense.”