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Hill’s Softball Leagues Are Now Open for Business

With spring training under way in Florida and Arizona, arms can begin loosening up in Washington, D.C., as well, now that registration for the Capitol Hill softball leagues has opened.

Teams and players who wish to participate in the 2009 season may now register with the Congressional Softball League, the House Softball League or the Senate Softball League. Registration forms are available on the leagues’ respective Web sites.

Registration for the House league will remain open throughout the season, though scheduling will begin April 6, with the season opener occurring May 1. Registration costs $90 per team, and each squad that signs up will receive a complimentary box of softballs. The Senate league will close registration April 21 and its fee is set at $125 per team.

The Congressional Softball League, the oldest and most costly of the leagues, operates a bit differently than the other two. Registered with the Amateur Softball Association of America, the CSL provides its players with liability and accident and injury insurance, resulting in a higher registration fee.

Players and teams can register through March 20 at a cost of $24 per player. A team must have at least 10 players to register. The CSL teams also have the option of buying slots for four additional part-time or temporary employees at a cost of $6 per person.

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