New York: After Close Call, Arcuri Building Big War Chest

Posted March 11, 2009 at 6:41pm

Second-term Rep. Michael Arcuri (D), who had a closer-than-expected re-election fight last year, is hosting a fundraising breakfast today at the National Democratic Club.After winning a surprisingly easy victory over a well-respected state Senator in an open-seat race in 2006, Arcuri seemed to be cruising last cycle. But businessman Richard Hanna (R), who entered the race late and trailed the incumbent considerably on the fundraising front, held Arcuri to just 51 percent.In interviews after the election, Arcuri blamed his showing in part on not hitting back hard enough when he was attacked in TV ads. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has served notice that it will work hard to protect Arcuri this cycle, placing him in its “Frontline— program for vulnerable Members.Republicans are trying to get Hanna to run again, but he has stopped short of saying he will.