Alaska Dems Attack Palin For Rejecting Stimulus Funds

Posted March 20, 2009 at 3:06pm

Alaska Democrats are trying to stir up voter outrage at Republican Gov. Sarah Palin’s decision to reject a portion of the state’s stimulus funds, labeling it a politically motivated move.

CQ Photo
Bob Poe

At a press conference in Anchorage on Friday, Democrat Bob Poe , who is challenging Palin for governor in 2010, called the rejection of a portion of federal stimulus money a “narcissistic decision.”  

“This is a cynical effort on Sarah Palin’s part to appeal to her ultra-conservative national base and her campaign for president,” Poe said. “This is why I decided to run for governor in the first place — because Alaska needs a governor who’s focused on Alaska’s well-being, not on personal political ambition.”