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Stimulus Politics Color Texas Governor’s Race

Dallas Morning News
“A leader would be taking time to look at all aspects and coming up with a better solution,” she told reporters. “I would hope he is looking for innovative ways not to dock the taxpayers of Texas with $555 million turned down.”
Perry defended his action and suggested the senator, a fellow Republican, stay out of state business.
“The last thing we want is Washington coming down here to Texas and telling us how to run our state,” he said.
clarify Hutchison’s strategy:
The state’s unemployment trust fund is projected to be $750 million below a required threshold next fall, which would trigger a tax increase on employers to replenish it.
A federal infusion would not make the trust fund whole or preclude the rate increase. But it would reduce the amount needed to bring it to the required level.
Josh Goodman is a staff writer for Governing, Congressional Quarterly’s magazine and Web site for leaders in politics and government at the state and local level.

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